Jill Block Presents works with the most talented songwriters and musicians Nashville has to offer. If you are on a quest to find and book great talent from Music City, look no further than Jill Block Presents. 

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With her love and sense of the musical cutting edge, and a productive history with the talent that creates it, Jill Block is uniquely able to cook up and curate the coolest of the cool, intimate live music events. She is committed to deliver the raw, original view of the mystery of a song . . . and the hearts and minds that write them. Besides all that, she’s badass!
— Phillip Lammonds, songwriter

Upcoming Events

The Masters starring Mike Reid

October 18th, 8:00 PM

The Masters starring Bob DiPiero

November 22nd, 8:00 PM


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Block Talks 

Coming Soon

Jill Block and her music industry sons, Rocky Block and Grady Block will explore the many aspects of making it in the music business. They are one family that can close the music biz generation gap. Block Talks will chat with successful young guns and vintage hitmakers. These interviews will take place in famed studios on Music Row, crowded band vans, on tour buses, backstage at concerts and anywhere they can catch a good one. Songwriters, musicians, producers, engineers, industry insiders, executives and brilliant entrepreneurs will share their hits and misses that have shaped their careers and the exploding Nashville musical landscape.